Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, being lulled by the ocean waves or soaking in a beautiful mountain vista, it’s likely you’re telling stories. Through the centuries, stories have brought people together. From drawings on the wall of a cave to words typed on a keyboard, stories have the power to move people. They draw people in, and they create an emotional connection. At Red Sandbox, we believe in the power of storytelling. We believe that everything we care about starts with a story. Our job is to help you tell that story and find the best way to share it.

A good STORy is

“Two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.”

― Simon Sinek




We are driven by the desire to deliver forward-thinking ideas to our clients.


Our tight knit, passionate team is made up of creative, free-thinking individuals. We are strategic thinkers, brand experts, and designers who always want to push the creative boundaries and do things differently.


We don't take ourselves too seriously, (what we do should be fun) but we do take our
work seriously.


We believe in transparency and having honest conversations. We like to challenge and inspire our clients to be the best they can be. We have some of the top talent in the industry. Individuals who are passionate about their creative product and always strive
to think bigger and create better


The Team

Susan Fecko

Jeff Smaul

Co-Founder/Chief Communicator

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Susan is a bit dog-obsessed. (Who are we kidding? She’s really dog-obsessed).  She started her career in advertising and has continued to work in marketing communications and story-telling ever since. Whether it’s creating a story for the media, selling an idea or creating excitement for an event, Susan loves building relationships and connecting dots.


Susan lives in Boulder, CO with her dog Nathan. She is an avid cyclist, chocolate and wine connoisseur, world-traveler and healthy lifestyle advocate. She is passionate about making the world a better place and supporting female entrepreneurs by helping them find their purpose and own their power.


With over 20 years of creative agency experience, Jeff combines his expertise as a creative director with strategic and marketing insights to build truly unique partnerships and stories with his clients. His vision is to execute creative campaigns, emphasizing big ideas done impeccably well.


Jeff lives in the north end of Los Angeles with his wife and two kids. Outside the office, Jeff enjoys running with his dog and cooking up a masterpiece on the grill with a glass of wine
in hand.

Jane Siegel

Greg Smith

Account Director

Digital Strategist

Jane Siegel is an account manager with a passion for storytelling and brands using business for good. She partners with executives and marketing teams to shape and amplify their brand’s message and voice. Having spent 8+ years working in  communications for multimillion-dollar brands and startups such as Stasher Bag, Plum Organics, Health Warrior, Lundberg Family Farms, Health Warrior and Coursera, Jane is right at home in fast-paced environments with tight deadlines.

A proven leader with over 20 years of both agency and client-side expertise, Greg has an entrepreneurial mindset. He creates and executes strategic marketing and business plans to drive significant increases in revenue, profitability, and brand recognition. Greg is our expert on all things acquisition and e-commerce related, and has experience with giants such as Herbalife and other natural and wellness oriented brands. In his spare time, you may find him running trail ultra marathons.

Sally Wadyka

Julie Ticknor

Content Creator

Senior Designer

Sally brings her 20+ years of editorial experience to help brands tell their stories in a compelling way. She understands the ins and outs of effective storytelling and can use that knowledge to create content that will establish credibility and brand authority and engage customers in a way that drives digital traffic, creates buzz and translates into greater success.

Julie brings her 17 years of experience working with health-driven brands like Alexia Fine Foods, and lifestyle giants such as Williams-Sonoma, to the table here at Red SandBox. Julie combines her experience of branding and package design with market/retail research in a creative and collaborative way. In her spare time you might find her browsing the local health food store and coming up with art concepts.

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