In a world dominated by Arizona Iced Tea, Lipton, Pure Leaf, Honest Tea and Nestle Brisk, Tejava came to Mile 9 for help.  How could we introduce Tejava to new consumers and expand our reach?  The answer was simple – differentiation.  Tejava is unique.  It’s an unsweetened bottled iced tea – nothing but tea.  It stands out on the shelves as a natural way to refresh and also kick the sugar habit.



Through simple and clear messaging across multiple touch points, we hit the competitive Southern California market with one goal in mind – to grow sales.


Our creative messaging was translated seamlessly into an integrated campaign that included Digital, Outdoor, Radio and Experiential.  Our campaign hit the road for 3 months and had everyone talking.


Through sponsored ads on Spotify, radio air-time, a showing of 25 Billboards in areas where Tejava is sold and also 15 events, we were able to penetrate the market. At our events, we served anywhere from 100 samples at an office like the Hollywood Reporter or 2,000 of a 10,000 person outdoor concert.  Each helped make an impact and were successful in different ways.



Estimated eyes-on the campaigns were over 2 million – 14,000 samples were distributed, and over 80,000 people were at our free Tejava tasting events.  In the months of this campaign, we measured sales in the region and saw a growth spurt of over 30%!  This was truly a home run for Tejava, a product we truly believe in, and a campaign with great ROI.






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